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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very easy and very fast. Just fill in the form on the left and click the CONNECT button below it when ready, or at the time of your appointment if you have one. You’ll be taken to a download page with instructions and the applet will start downloading . Once the applet has download you will see it on your downloads; you need to run this application and follow its prompts to complete the connection.

No. You just download and run an applet that connects you securely with your technician and doesn’t leave any permanent software installed on your computer. This applet is uniquely generated for you at the moment of your request. It can only be used once and expires after 24hs if not used.

With Remote Support you can connect securely over the Internet with a professional who can provide support and work on your computer from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere. The vast majority if computer issues can be resolved remotely without having to take your computer to a shop or wait for a technician to come to you.

Yes! Your connection is encrypted wit industry standards

Absolutely not! Once you or the technician ends the connection, access to your computer is permanently terminated. You may end your connection at any time by pressing the big red X or by closing the application.

No, for your privacy and peace of mind Remote Support sessions requested here are not recorded unless specifically required and with your consent.

On the other and, all unattended sessions for our business clients and customers on a service plan are recorded for security and quality control purposes.

Once you’ve connected you will see small chat windows on your computer. You will be able to chat with your technician by typing on the text box at the bottom.

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